Dragon Quest VR Will Let You Experience The World Of Dragon Quest In Namco’s VR Facility



    Bandai Namco Amusement announced that the next video game-theme attraction headed to VR Zone Zone Shinjuku is Dragon Quest VR on April 27, and it will let you see what the world of Dragon Quest is like in VR.


    The video features series creator Yuji Horii who starts out by saying how it’s almost like a dream come true, and how he wishes he could tell himself from 30 years ago that we’ll have something like this.


    The facility will have you team up with other players equipped with a sword & shield or staves as the Warrior, Priest, Priest, or Mage to make your way to Charlock Castle in order to fight Zoma, the chief antagonist of Dragon Quest III.


    The VR game will let you use your sword to cut down monsters and use iconic spells such as Frizz to experience Dragon Quest battles in VR.


    Registration starts on April 20 and there will be an opening event that will allow fans to check it out earlier on April 25. Dragon Quest VR will officially kick off on April 27 at VR Zone Shinjuku.

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