Dragon Quest X On Nintendo 3DS Has Some Major Issues


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When Dragon Quest X was announced for Nintendo 3DS, a lot of fans looked forward to playing the MMORPG on the portable, but it looks like things aren’t quite right with the 3DS version, judging by its Amazon.jp listing.


We’ve recently seen some other titles get slammed on Amazon for various reasons, but Amazon reviews claim that Dragon Quest X is basically unplayable—not because the story is bad, or because of the enemies being too tough, but many of the other issues plaguing the game.


As you know, Dragon Quest X on the 3DS is not a native Nintendo 3DS port. The box does not contain a cartridge at all, in fact. Instead, it comes with a download code for an app that lets you play the game on your Nintendo 3DS via cloud-streaming.


One review stated: “For the past two days, I’ve been getting numerous login errors and haven’t been able to play much. Today, I successfully logged in at 9:30pm and was excited, thinking, ‘all right, let’s go level up!’ and went to a popular hunting area. Then, out of nowhere I got a message saying ‘your connection is low’ and it suddenly disconnected me.”


He continued, “Since then, I’ve tried logging in on numerous occasions, but I keep getting errors. What is this? Can this game not be played after 10pm or something?”


The login issues aside, there seems to be multiple other problems that have been mentioned by various other people, such as the game’s constant maintenance periods, disconnection issues, sound problems, and the fact that the font is too small and difficult to read on the 3DS screen.


Another reviewer stated: “It’s as if the system was made to barely be playable on Nintendo 3DS. The tiny text makes it hard to read. The chat’s text is practically like cryptograms. Even the regular text is very small. It’s quite terrible.”


And one more shared: “I’m playing on a 3DS XL, and even with the XL [the text] is quite inconvenient, so I could only imagine what it must be like on a regular 3DS. However, the one thing that stood out most is the sound skipping, and we’re not talking about it skipping every now and then—it seems to constantly skip.”


“The choppy sound, which makes you think that your speakers broke, is really a shame considering Dragon Quest’s spectacular music. If anything, I truly demand that they take immediate measures and make fixes at least to this aspect [of the game].”


Dragon Quest X on 3DS has an average rating of 1.5 stars. There are a total of 175 one-star ratings [as of the time this report was being written] and the majority of them share similar stories to the reviewers above. This may be in part why Square Enix have halted shipments of the game.


While there are alternatives to the 3DS version, with the game available for Wii, Wii U, or PC, it seems like a lot of people were looking forward to being able to play on Nintendo 3DS or get friends who don’t have the latest consoles or PC to play the game together. It’s unfortunate that Square Enix didn’t put a little more effort into their 3DS solution.


Considering that the 3DS version of Dragon Quest X also requires a separate subscription fee, it looks like some of these problems will have to be addressed in order to retain customers for the handheld MMORPG, and Square Enix had better do it quickly.

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