Dragon Quest XI Explores Towns, A Volcano Dungeon And More In New Footage For PS4 And 3DS

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Square Enix shared a big batch of gameplay videos via V-Jump, showcasing plenty of Dragon Quest XI footage for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game.


The below is a look at three videos for both versions, starting with the PlayStation 4:


The first video takes us exploring in the starting “Village of Ishi,” where you’ll see the protagonist check out different areas to find some hidden items and scenic views.


The second PS4 footage takes us into the scorching “Hinonogi Volcano” where we’ll fight powerful enemies like the “Ebii Metal,” the four-armed giant “Megaton Kheil,’ and the armored ‘Baron Knight,” which appears as a special shiny version. Upon defeating the shiny Baron Knight, it shows that you’re able to ride it as a mount. This one helps walk across lava.


The third video shows a fight against the “Man-Eating Fire Dragon.


Next, we have three videos for the 3DS version of the game:


The first 3DS video is about making it to “Delkadal Kingdom.” We see the game’s 3D mode on the top screen and the 2D mode on the bottom screen for this part. The bottom screen will always display party stats and the battles will also come in both 3D and 2D versions.


The second 3DS video shows us more of the game’s 2D mode, where we get a glimpse of the a town called “Darhalune.” Everything from the towns to the ocean is shown in nostalgic pixel art-style. Heading east of Darhalune is a mysterious small island with some familiar monsters.


The third 3DS video takes us to the town of Yocchi, where you’ll find the white creatures known as the Yocchi. The place has some kind of StreetPass feature but no further information was shared on that.


Dragon Quest XI is set for release on July 29, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4.

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