Dragon Quest XI Gets New PS4 And 3DS Footage, Info On“Restrictive” Feature And More

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Square Enix held a big Dragon Quest XI special stage live stream, where they showcased new footage for the PS4 and 3DS versions of the game, as well as some details on the RPG and the “Restrictive Play” feature.


Head towards the 31:00 mark of the video for footage for the PlayStation 4 version of the game. The footage shows plenty of battle and field exploration, along with a boss battle at 43:00. It’s worth noting that Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii is a big fan of the “Leg’s go all-out” tactics, so that’s what we get to see for Camus and Veronica in the fight.


At 46:26 we get to see some footage of the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, which we mostly get to see in the nostalgic 2D classic looks. The gameplay here covers mostly the same sequence we saw from the PlayStation 4 version of the game.



The above is a look at some artwork for a new town in the desert, called “Samadhi.” It was made to have a bit of an Arabic touch to it.


We then get to see a little Q&A corner with questions from the fans. Here’s what they talked about:



Q1: Are there any references or inspirations used for the 30th anniversary and 11th main-numbered title?

A: Yuji Horii says that this is the first time he mentions it, but he and the staff went to visit Mcchu Picchu in Peru before starting Dragon Quest XI’s development. Peru is well-known for its mountains, and Yuji Horii says you’ll definitely see some inspirations from there in the world of Dragon Quest XI.



Q2: Just what exactly is that white creature found on the Dragon Quest Life website?

A: This is actually a question that’s commonly asked.



AS seen in the above image from the Dragon Quest Life website, there’s a mysterious white creature that fans don’t recognize from the series.



These creatures are called “Incarnation of Time” and Yuji Horii wasn’t able to say much without spoiling a lot, but he says they’ll come in useful and might do some work of some kind. You’ll spot them in various parts around the world. For now it’ll remain a secret as to what kind of character it is.



Q3: So far places such as the village of Ishii and Delkadal Kingdom have been revealed, but what other kinds of towns and villages are there in the world?

A: There’s about a 20 areas of towns and villages that will act as your base of adventure.



The above is a look at some artwork for a town that is a Japanese-style village with a bit of a touch of Jipang, a Japanese-style town from Dragon Quest III. This one here has a theme of fire going on. There are hot springs and a volcano here. Some big event also takes place here, but we’ll have to see it for ourselves.



One last new feature that was revealed is the “Restrictive Play” feature for players looking for challenges. When starting a new game, you’ll get to choose out of several restrictions. There are about four restrictions to choose from, and today we got a look at one of them, a shopping restrict option. Playing in this mode doesn’t allow you to make purchases at shops, so you’ll have to rely on finding, crafting, and looting items.


When asked why he’d make something like that, Yuji Horii simply says because it sounds like fun. If these restriction end up being too tough for you, no worries, as you’ll get to make it go back to normal at any time.



And finally, Square Enix shared a little update on the Nintendo Switch version of the game.


“We currently don’t have anything solid to share for the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI, so when the time is right for us to say something… you know how it goes with these grown-up reasons!” shared producer Yosuke Saito.


He continued, “When the time comes that we can really say something, I believe we’ll let you guys know one way or another, so please wait a little longer on that.”


Yuji Horii also commented that “there are various reasons for it.”


Dragon Quest XI releases in Japan on July 29, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.

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