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Dragon Quest XI Gets New Screenshots And Details For Its Main Hero And Camus’ Moves



Dragon Quest XI got its latest details and new screenshots that give us a closer look at abilities and spells from the protagonist and his comrade Camus. We also got additional info from a new Q&A from the game’s official website.




Dragon Quest XI’s protagonist comes equipped with top-class power on all ends. He’s able to equip single-handed and two-handed swords and has a focus on a variety of sword skills. He has skills and spells that are exclusive to the Hero, with abilities such as the “Zone Certain Hit” that allows a guaranteed Zone mode, making him the center of the party.



Eleven casts Kaclang!

(Spell) Prevents an ally from taking damage for a turn.



Eleven uses Devotion Slash!

(Two-Handed Sword Skill) – Puts all of his power for an attack from the two-handed sword.



Eleven uses Sword Dance!

(Sword God Skill) – A sword skill that looks like a dance with its multiple hits on the enemy.



Eleven uses Dragon Slash!

(Single-Handed Sword Skill) – An attack that deals extra damage against Dragon-type enemies.



Eleven uses Zone Certain Hit!

(Hero Skill) – Guarantees Zone state activation, which increases parameters.



Eleven uses Giga Slash!

(Sword God Skill) – Hits a group of enemies with light based damage



Camus 2


Camus is a versatile party member who can use a variety of weapons. He puts full use of his skills as a thief, and wields daggers, single-handed swords, and boomerangs in different situations to deal powerful blows on a single enemy or to take out several monsters at the same time.



Camus uses Clone!

(Superhuman Skill) – Triples the action effects with two clones.



Camus uses Assassin Attack!

(Single-Handed Sword Skill) – Makes it easier to guard enemy attacks with a weapon.



Camus casts Jibariina!

(Spell) – Brings out a magic circle on the floor that damages enemies when they take actions.



Camus uses Sword Guard!

(Single-Handed Sword Skill) – Makes it easier to guard enemy attacks with a weapon.


Camus uses Starburst Throw!

(Boomerang Skill) HIts all enemies with a blade of light.


Here’s a newly added Q&A section that was made for commonly-asked questions:


Questions about the game:

Q: Are there any story differences between the PS4 and 3DS versions.

A: There are no story differences between for the game’s story.


Q: Do I need to have played past Dragon Quest games to enjoy the story?

A: Since it is a completely new title,those of you who haven’t played past Dragon Quest games will still get to enjoy the story.


Q: Do I need Internet connectivity to play the game?

A: There are no online play elements, so you can enjoy the game


Q: Can I make multiple save datas?

A: Up to three save datas can be made. The PS4 version can make 9 and 3DS version can make 3 save datas. The PS4 has auto-save that lets you pick up from where last auto-save, and the 3DS version comes with a suspended save function, allowing you to take a break at any time in your adventure even away from churches.


Questions about the characters:

Q: Can I change the protagonist’s name?

A: The protagonist’s name can be freely set when starting a new game. (However, it can’t be changed after that.)


Q: Can I change the protagonist’s appearance?

A: There isn’t a character create feature that lets you change hairstyles or faces, but some equipment will allow you to change the character’s appearance.


Q: Are the characters voiced?

A: The characters aren’t voiced.


Questions about functions:

Q: Does the game support PS4 Pro?

A: It supports PlayStation 4 Pro. The game can be enjoyed with 4K resolution, with the exception of some movies.


Q: Does the game support PS Vita Remote Play?

A: Yes, it supports Remote Play on PlayStation Vita.


Q: Does the game support the Share Function on PS4?

A: Yes, it supports screenshots and broadcasts using the Share button for the most part aside from some movies. (Share Play is only available in the starting parts of the story.)


Q: Does the 3DS version of the game support stereoscopic 3D?

A: It does not support stereoscopic 3D.


Dragon Quest XI releases in Japan on July 29, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. The game is also in development for Nintendo Switch.

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