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Dragon Quest XI Releases In Japan In 2017, Platform-Exclusive Features In The Works



Square Enix revealed the latest on their highly anticipated RPG, Dragon Quest XI, at Jump Festa 2017. Here’s a recap of the info that was shared on the special stage presentation.


Game designer & scenario writer Yuji Horii, producer Yosuke Saito,and director Takeshi Uchigawa took tot he stage to share the newest information on the stream.


  • During the live stream, the key developers discussed how it’s almost like working on three different games with Dragon Quest XI with its three platforms of PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch version that has yet to be revealed.


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  • The story begins when the protagonist turns 16-years-old. This age has a significant meaning in the world of Dragon Quest XI. He’s from the calm village of Ishi, where its warm people look after each other.


  • The thought of the series’ 30th anniversary is a heavy focus in the game, as the developers look back at their past work in order to make a brand new title.


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  • While presenting a first look at the new ally named Camus, viewers commented about how he looks “more like a main character” than the actual main characters.


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  • Camus is a loyal ally of the protagonist that you’ll meet in a rather unexpected way in his journey. He might be a bit rude when it comes to the way he talks and acts, but he has a kind heart to go with a strong sense of duty. He’s a partner who knows about the ways of the world, and will help guide the protagonist on his journey.


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  • The above is a look at the worldmap of the world called “Rotozetasia.” The name “Roto” is actually the Japanese name for “Erdrick” the recurring legendary hero from the series, so that should be taken as a bit of a hint as to what’s to come.


  • There will be some amusing recurring themes from past games, such as the casinos. And yes, there will be Puff Puff. This time around since it’ll be on PlayStation 4 and other consoles, there will be features that live up to their capabilities.


  • The Nintendo 3DS version will have a StreetPass function that will be different from what we had before in treasure maps, but it’ll “make you want to go outside.”


  • As for the PlayStation 4 version, since it can’t have StreetPass, they’re preparing something else for it.



Dragon Quest XI releases in 2017 in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. Its Nintendo Switch release will be revealed on a later date. Check out our earlier reports for an introduction video for Camus, footage showing field exploration on PlayStation 4 and a stroll in town on 3DS, as well as the game’s opening trailer.

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