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Dragon Quest XI Reveals Limited “Liquid Metal Slime Edition” New 2DS XL


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Following the reveal of the New 2DS XL console, Nintendo announced that Dragon Quest XI is getting a special “Liquid Metal Slime Edition” New 2DS and it’ll be available when the game releases in Japan on July 29 for 22,480 yen plus tax.



In addition to the Dragon Quest XI physical software that comes bundled with the game, it’ll come included with the first-print bonus “Vest of Happiness” and “New Money Vest” items. The console comes with a download ticket to get the “Liquid Metal Slime Theme” as shown in the above image.





What makes the Liquid Metal Slime Edition New 2DS XL different from other limited edition models we’ve seen so far is that it has added texture with a Liquid Metal Slime






A closer look at its sleek matte finish.


The New Nintendo 2DS XL Liquid Metal Slime Edition releases in Japan alongside Dragon Quest XI on July 29, 2017.

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