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Dragon Quest XI S Adds A Secret “Ultimate Boss” And New Item To Help With Horse Races



So far we know that Dragon Quest XI S has 3D and 2D modes, a fully-orchestrated soundtrack option, new story for all the characters, and more. Square Enix had a few more details to announce at TGS 2019.


The extra Dragon Quest XI S announcements were from the special Dragon Quest stage event (at around the 3:06:16 mark), where series creator Yuji Horii took the occasion to reveal a couple new features for the game.


The first is the addition of an “ultimate boss.” This boss is going to be extra strong, and probably the toughest one so far as it is being made to be challenging even for those who played through Dragon Quest XI all the way on PS4 and 3DS. As with most secret bosses in Dragon Quest, there are going to be certain requirements to fight it, but you’ll have to find out how for yourself.


The second new feature is the “Golden Reins” that makes it easier to win horse races. There was feedback from the original game about the horse races being too tough, and they felt that it would be a waste to not have such players get to enjoy it, so they’re adding the new Golden Reins that should make it easier to play for those who aren’t good at it.


Dragon Quest XI S releases for Nintendo Switch on September 27, 2019.

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