Square Enix held their latest “Countdown Carnival” event for Dragon Quest XI in Sapporo, Japan, where they shared new info including character customization, the fourth Restrictive Play option, and more.


At the 28:43 mark of the video, we get to see more of the 3DS-exclusive “Yocchi Village” StreetPass area along with the “Time-Crossing Dungeon” with a look at how you’ll get to visit past Dragon Quest games. We get to see some PS4 footage at the 46:32 part of the video.


The fourth Restrictive Play feature was revealed as the option that disallows you to properly speak to NPCs in town. For example, you might see the protagonist make eye contact with say a female NPC and awkwardly look away, unable to make conversation.



The developers had more to show during the event, which was shared on the official Dragon Quest Twitter account. where we got to see a glimpse of Dragon Quest VII’s Kiefer make an appearance in the Time-Crossing Dungeon, shown in the above image.


You might recognize the puzzle with the colored stones from Dragon Quest VII.





We also learned about the “Medal Girls Academy,” where you can turn in your collected Mini Medals (or Small Medals) and get stamps on your card. The clothes you get at the Medal Girls Academy also has the special characteristic of changing your character’s appearance.


You can also craft sets using the Mysterious Forge to make a head piece and body piece that changes the appearance of a character when equipped together as a set.


And finally, here’s “Soltico Village,” a place that has a beachside casino.


Dragon Quest XI will release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS on July 29, 2017 in Japan. The RPG is also being developed for the Nintendo Switch.


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