Dragon Quest XI’s 3DS-Exclusive Feature Lets You Revisit Past Dragon Quest Games

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In a special Dragon Quest XI Direct presentation for the 3DS version of the game, Square Enix shared a look at some neat StreetPass features that are exclusive to the 3DS version of the RPG.


Below is a summary of the Direct courtesy Game Jouhou:

  • The 3DS version has a “Street Pass” function feature.


  • The stars of the StreetPass feature is a race known as the Yocchi, and players will interact with them in this mode.


  • You’ll encounter Yocchi during your adventure, and they’ll request for rescue them you do.


  • In order to save the Yocchi, you’ll need to take on a dungeon called “Time-Crossing Dungeon.”


  • You can form a party of up to eight Yocchi that you find out there and send them off to the dungeon.


  • Yocchi come with their own unique appearances and abilities, and vary from weak ones and strong ones. However, they don’t return if they’re defeated by enemies.


  • You can have a stock of up to 50 Yocchi, and it is important to have as many possible to take on the Labyrinth.


  • While you can find Yocchi scattered about in the fields of the main game, you can trade them via StreetPass and possibly get powerful Yocchi raised by other players.


  • The player takes control for the dungeon parts, but you can change it to an automatic setting that does all the moving and battles for you.


  • There are treasures with items inside the Labyrinth.


  • You can defeat the “Gate Keeper” at the end of the dungeon in order to get an “Adventure Log Password.”



  • By giving this Adventure Log Password to the Yocchi elder, you can visit worlds of past Dragon Quest games.


  • When visiting these past worlds, you’ll find various problems going on, and using the Yocchi is the key to solving them. You’ll even get to see what went on behind the scenes during nostalgic scenes from the classic RPGs.


Dragon Quest XI releases in Japan on July 29, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.

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