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Dragon Quest XI’s First PS4 Footage Shows Town And Field Exploration


Square Enix announced Dragon Quest XI for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS during their livestream event, where we got a first look at the newest title of Dragon Quest’s main series. The above video shows footage from the PS4 version of the game.


The video starts with a look at the protagonist of Dragon Quest XI, and they proceed to give us a tour of the town. The footage shows us the inside of an inn. In Dragon Quest XI, you’ll get to break barrels and pots, and also check drawers. You’ll also get to jump in the game.


You’ll get to see quite the distance in the game, including NPCs that appear in faraway backgrounds. Square Enix are aiming to make their world and its people livelier than ever.


Elevation is another big difference, as you can reach the higher areas of town, which will be a first in Dragon Quest. There will be occasions where you’ll want to explore the higher parts of town in order to find hidden treasures.


At the 4:28 mark, we get to see a little bit of the field exploration. The water and lighting effects are some of the parts that Square Enix are placing importance into, as they develop the game. Monsters will show up in symbol encounter-style, meaning you’ll see them out in the field before engaging in battle.


Towards the end of the video, we get to see the entrance of a cave. Dragon Quest XI will have its traditional dungeons such as caves, towers, labyrinths, and mountain paths. These dungeons will have all kinds of new and different gimmicks that are being brainstormed at the moment.


Dragon Quest XI is in development for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.

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