Dragon Quest X’s Path To Becoming A Superstar And A Magic Knight Mission

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Square Enix recently introduced the Magic Knight and Superstar classes to Dragon Quest X. The players that chose to go with these classes are already being treated to some nice equipment which can be acquired by doing new quests.


The newly introduced quests are the first exclusive chapters for the Magic Knight and Superstar classes. They require the players to be of level 30 or higher in their respective class to unlock.



Starting with the Magic Knight’s quest, Diplomatic Mission. Other countries depend on Magic Knights for various matters. Magic Knights start out with smaller missions and will work their way up the ranks, over time.


In this case, your mission is to visit the Kamihalmi Castle, located in the Eltona Continent, to take out 10 Marine Slimes infesting the nearby area. Upon completion of the quest, you’ll be rewarded with the Magic Knight Army Boots.




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The Superstar’s first quest, Still A Novice ♪,will require players to speak to the Superstar master, Salbarita, located in Megistoris of the Pukland continent.


Salbarita’s job is to teach every disciple what it takes to become a great Superstar. She’ll make you start out with a small task of defeating 10 Tapu Devils, as your first assignment. After finishing, you’ll be given the Star Shoes as a reward.




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