DragonFang Drahns Mystery Dungeon

Toydea has announced the latest entry in the DragonFang roguelike RPG series. DragonFang – Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon will be coming to PCs via Steam on February 4, 2020 as a free download with in-app purchases.

DragonFang – Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon follows Drahn, and his fairy friend. Thanks to his unique nature as a dragonian, he can use different sorts of fangs to unleash devastating attacks. Drahn must collect monster abilities and unlock the powers of more than 150 types of fangs in order to discover the truth behind why his fellow dragons are disappearing.

Developed by Degica, Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon features randomly generated challenging dungeons combined with story-rich gameplay, which allows players to summon and level up ally monsters on the path to defeating the evil enemies. These enemies can in turn join your party after you defeat them.

The original DragonFang game has been available for several years on Apple iOS and Android devices, and one of the most recent entries was later ported to the New Nintendo 3DS. Toydea released a sequel in DragonFangZ: The Rose & Dungeon of Time for multiple systems, including a North American release for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and New Nintendo 3DS.

Check out screenshots for DragonFang – Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon in the gallery below.

DragonFang – Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon will be available starting February 4, 2020 on PCs. A release on other platforms has not been announced.

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