Dragon’s Dogma Online Shares More On Its Multiplayer World

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Dragon’s Dogma Online is an Capcom’s upcoming free-to-play online multiplayer game for the series, where you’ll get to team up with friends to take out monsters and advance through the story. The official website shares more details and screenshots.



Dragon’s Dogma Online focuses on online play between friends, as you communicate to take on monsters together, but it will also have single player features such as raising your own Pawn, or even going out with them to explore the world.


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As far as the online play goes, you’ll get to communicate with friends using the game’s chat, while working together to defeat monsters. There’s a lot of emphasis on communication as a strategic element parties will need for the tough fights. Your party of four will require the right roles in order to have proper balance, similar to parties in MMORPG titles, so you’ll basically have tanks, healers, attackers, and so on.


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The above is a look at the lobby area of Dragon’s Dogma Online, a massive area that holds up to 100 players.


The lobby is a good place for regular conversations, or for making potential friends that may help you advance through the story of the game.


As previously reported, Dragon’s Dogma Online will continue to grow through updates and expansions, and Capcom plan on having it eventually be three times larger than the original Dragon’s Dogma.


Dragon’s Dogma Online will release in Japan sometime this year for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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