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Dragon’s Dogma Quest Getting Another Collaboration With Puzzle & Dragons


Last year there was a big crossover betwixt Puzzle & Dragons and tactical-RPG/card-game Dragon’s Dogma Quest. It seems Capcom and Gung Ho have joined forces again for a new collaboration in Dragon’s Dogma Quest that will feature more of P&D’s monsters to slay and capture.



There will be various levels of difficulty when encountering the Metal Dragon of Puzzle & Dragons fame, and entering the dungeons will pit players of DDQ against foes such as P&D’s Vampire Lords. For those who missed out on the last collab, fret not as both the monsters as well as the unique job class that can control P&D’s monsters will be made available again. In fact, there are a few more classes in store this time around, according to the game’s main website.


If you blinked and missed it, Dragon’s Dogma Quest is also available now on iOS (Sorry Android) alongside the PlayStation Vita. The collaboration will run from the 10th of March till the 17th of March.