Drakerider, an iOS role-playing game that Square Enix revealed at E3, is scheduled for release today on iOS devices (watch the trailer here). The game is set in a world on the brink of destruction, and protagonist, Aran Lawson and his dragon companion, Eckhardt, have to save it from an enemy called “the Dread”.


Drakerider’s battle system puts you in control of Eckhardt’s reins. You can loosen and tighten your grip on his reins, which will have different effects. Easing off the reins lets Eckhardt attack. Giving him too much freedom, however, will endanger Aran himself, as Eckhardt’s natural instincts will take over and he’ll turn against his master. A gauge at the top of the screen lets you monitor tension level.


You can upgrade Eckhardt’s abilities, too. Winning battles will earn you CP, which can be used to learn new abilities and attacks. Square say that learning certain abilities will close off others, so you’ll have to plan your skill tree out.


Drakerider has five chapters to play through. Square Enix are making the first chapter available for free. Chapters 2-5 cost $6.99 each. You can also grab the entire game in a bundle for $20.99. Drakerider is developed by Witchcraft Inc.



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