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Your Art Comes To Life When The Magic Pencil Arrives Overseas


Just in case you forgot about it, Global A have a Nintendo 3DS game in development, tentatively titled The Magic Pencil. When you begin the game, there’s not much to see. You have to create the game’s world yourself, using the magic pencil in the game. Think Drawn to Life or Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color, but instead of just creating monsters you draw everything in the world.


Speaking with Siliconera, The Magic Pencil director, Mr. Satou, revealed that you can create three kinds of environments: sea, mountain, and city. You can then create life and objects — you can draw animals and sea life, for instance — to inhabit these. As you draw more, the world of The Magic Pencil expands, and the story of the game progresses.


You may or may not know GAE from their work on My World, My Way and Master of the Monster Lair for the Nintendo DS, which Atlus published in North America. Like both of those titles, GAE’s new game is planned for an overseas release, too, they tell us. GAE are investigating how to release the game in the U.S. and Europe, but the details are still being sorted out.


In Japan, The Magic Pencil is slated for an August 11th release. An augmented reality card will be included with every copy of the game, which you can use to use to make characters appear.

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