DreadOut Act II Brings More Indonesian Horror To You On Valentine’s Day



    Digital Happiness has announced that its Indonesian horror game DreadOut Act II will be available on Valentine’s Day – that’s February 14th, if you need reminding.


    A new trailer reveals some of the scenes you can expect to see in this second act, including more ghostly frights viewed through a smartphone (including a witchy Palasik), a battle against a large and dangerous Pocong, and Linda’s face being transformed into a rather frightful sight.


    This second act will be available to free to anyone who has already bought DreadOut. If you haven’t purchased it yet then you can do so on Steam at $14.99. Be sure to read Siliconera’s interview with Digital Happiness about DreadOut’s influences, successes and failures, and more insight into this second act.

    Chris Priestman

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