DreadOut Is Getting Another Chapter Later This Year


Indonesian studio Digital Happiness has announced that another chapter to its 2014 third-person horror game DreadOut should be out later this year on Steam.


Along with the announcement, Digital Happiness has released a trailer for this new chapter, called DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark, which shows off footage from the game.


The studio explained on its Facebook page that Keepers of the Dark “takes place just before Linda finally confronts The Mysterious Lady in Red during the event after Linda was pulled inside a mirror. It’s kinda like a lost chapter from the previous game.”


By the looks of it, Keepers of the Dark will once again feature Linda as a main character and will retain its Fatal Frame-eseque photography-based mechanics.


What’s certainly new here, though, are the range of creatures you’ll encounter in Keepers of the Dark, including wolf-like beings and humanoid shades. The first DreadOut took its enemies from Indonesian myths and folklore so if you’re familiar with it you may recognize these new enemies.

Chris Priestman