If Your Dream Is Managing A Cabaret Club, Yakuza Zero Is Your Kind Of Game


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One of Yakuza Zero’s protagonists, Goro Majima, will beat down thugs in the upcoming game, but he’ll also be in charge of his own cabaret club, called Sunshine. 4Gamer shows how you’ll manage the club.


Majima is the manager of cabaret club Sunshine, and your goal will be to beat the powerful rival clubs to become the best one in the Osaka district.


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However, before aiming to become top of Soutenburi, you’ll need to get down the foundations of any proper business—profits. In order to make money, you’ll need to have the right preparations, and you’ll do this by picking girls for your club.


There’s quite a lot of girls to choose from, but you’ll have to pick them out according to their body conditions and abilities. However, keep in mind that girls with higher stats will demand higher salary as well, so you’ll need to think of a nice balance if you want to make profit.



You’ll also get to enjoy talks with the girls as you did in past installments of the series, but this time, it’ll be as a special training session, where Majima will talk to them and earn their trust, making them grow as cabaret cuties.


Doing so will increase their parameters, and you can also enjoy fun activities such as karaoke, and more.


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When the club opens, you’ll get to check out what’s going on in real-time. There will be times where customers might get angry, or when they cause trouble. They also vary in rich and poor customers.


You’ll also need to keep an eye on the girls, because if their stamina goes to zero, they won’t be able to keep on working, so you’ll need to take care of them and let them rest in the back when they get tired.


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You’ll get to acquire more club girls by clearing sub-scenarios and scouting around in town. Again, you’ll also get to overthrow rival clubs and take away their number 1 girls as well.


However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to make a successful club simply by having numerous girls with high stats, so you’ll have to find the right girls in other parts, too.


012 Again, you’ll fight against rival clubs via sales. If you win, you can get their best girls, but if you lose, the store reputation drops and you’ll also lose a lot of customers. The right preparation before going into these “fights” will be the key.


Yakuza Zero is slated for release in Japan on March 12, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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