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Drive Girls Introduces Its Main Transforming Car Girls And More On The Game System



Bushido Blade and Kengo makers Bergsala Lightweight is working on a new PS Vita game with transforming car girls, called Drive Girls. Here’s a look at the latest on its gameplay and heroines.




The main attraction of Drive Girls are the heroines that are able to transform between car and human forms. It’s an action game where you’ll get to enjoy some car action gameplay while in “Drive Form” and fight against insect-type robots in the human “fighting Form.”




There’s a variety of customizations you can do, including car stickers. You can get status ups and also some extra with the set bonuses. These stickers are also shown as body art when the girls are in their human forms.




The game also features a costume break system, where characters get put into a “dangerous” situation whenever they take enough damage. There are special cut-scenes once it reaches a certain limit.




The game also offers multiplayer features. Players can connect via ad-hoc or online connectivity to party with up to four players to drive together and enjoy battles. You can team up for multiplayer-exclusive missions.


Here’s a look at some of the car girls:


Lancie (CV: Aimi Tanaka)

011 She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s a good person… which is said to be her only redeeming trait. She’s the protagonist with hidden potential.


Regalis (CV: Yumi Hara)


Regalis has a timid personality, but her potential is said to possibly be the strongest of all the Drive Girls.


Galaxa (CV: Aoi Koga)



When the Bugs invaded, she remained alone on the island and continued fighting to defend her hometown.


Seven (CV: Satsumi Matsuda)


She was working on the development of a weapon called “Carms” at a technical research institute, but she left it after learning about the professor’s disappearance, and made her way to the island.


Professor (CV: Toa Yukinari)


She’s currently incapacitated after getting her core shaft damaged from a fierce battle.


Naviko (CV: Sayuri Hara)


A girl with a clear mind and excellent grades who supports the Drive Girls. She’s the headquarters operator who can be a bit mischievous at times.


Drive Girls releases in Japan in January 2017 for PlayStation Vita.

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