Drive!Drive!Drive! Might Be The Most Bonkers Racing Game Yet

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Let’s just get this over with. Drive!Drive!Drive! is a game about racing multiple cars on multiple tracks… at the same time. Yep.


How is that possible? You’ll be able to find out when the game arrives on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016. But if you want to know now just move your gaze downwards.


“In Drive!Drive!Drive! you must race and manage multiple tracks at the same time,” explains lead developer Gordon Midwood. “You are able to switch between the different tracks of a race any time you like. When you switch away from a track, a computer racer takes over driving on that track for you.”


Ah, okay, that actually sounds possible. But there’s a catch: the AI drivers are pretty bad at driving. Due to this, you’re going to need to constantly switch between the different cars on the different tracks if you want to win.


Speaking of the tracks, they’re not exactly what you might call sensible. They take place across multiple dimensions and gravities. Most the time, it seems that the tracks are stacked on top of one another, but they also weave around all over the place.


You’ll want to pay attention to these track designs, too, not just because you’re trying to race several cars across them, but also because the Drive!Drive!Drive! will come with a track editor. You’ll be able to share your creations with friends as well as play them together in multiplayer.

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