Months ago we discovered Success Corp, the company behind the Touch Detective series, was developing new detective games. Only Ochishi Keiji: Keiji-San Watashi ga Yarimashita (Detective Ochishi: Mr. Detective I did it) is a mystery adventure. Yajuu Keiji: Tokyo Douji Tahatsu Tero wo Chinatsu Seyo looks like a B-rated polygonal beat ‘em up from D3 Publisher’s budget friendly simple series. You play as a snappy dressed detective who solves crime by punching problems. Take a look at a clip below.




Polygonal Final Fight is something I would spend maybe $20 to try, but Yajuu Keiji costs nearly double with a price tag of 3,990 yen ($39). If this gets localized and that’s a sizeable if Yajuu Keji will probably cost less. Actually, both of these detective games were supposed to be out in May, but Success silently delayed them. Yajuu Keiji and Ochishi Keiji are now scheduled to come out on September 18.


Images courtesy of Success.

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