Dual Gear Reveals More Of Its Turn-Based Mecha Combat With Skirmish Mode Footage



Dual Gears developers have released a fifteen minute video of the Skirmish Mode, showing off some of how the game’s turn-based mecha combat will work in action.




The footage shows a battle against several units in the game. On the player’s turn, they will be able to take each of their mecha one at a time, choosing where they move and which weaponry they use on their foes. The footage also shows body part destruction after certain attacks, which causes live, catastrophic damage to the mecha in action.


This mode has been made available only to the game’s Alpha-level backers through its second IndieGoGo campaign. The initial campaign of $60,000 fell short of its goal, but the developer’s second campaign, backed with new incentives like Skirmish Mode and a smaller goal, hopes to receive more funding.



The developers have also released some footage of part customization to give players an idea on how deeply they can customize their mecha.

Alistair Wong
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