Dual Is A Shmup That Requires Two Phones For The Full Screen


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Sebastian Gosztyla’s smartphone shmup Dual has a way of bringing two people closer together (or further apart) across virtual and physical space.


It works by using each player’s mobile phone as half of the game space. So, only by placing the phones side-by-side could both players see the full screen. The cool thing here is that players can break apart, splitting the screen, and even cover up their half if they wanted to.


As the task in the game’s competitive mode is to shoot each other’s ships, new tactical options open up. For example, by covering up your half of the screen you disallow your opponent from seeing that you’ve shot bullets at them, giving them less time to react when trying to dodge them.



There’s also a co-operative mode that will have you wanting to work together by bringing the phones closer to each get a fuller view of the battlefield.


You can find out more about Dual on its website. It’s available to download for free on iOS and Android.

Chris Priestman
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