The Dual Shock 3 controller has been in Japan for almost half a year. North America finally gets it next week for $54.99. Since the price is only $5 more than a regular Sixaxis controller it is a comparable contender if you're planning to buy a second gamepad.


However, I won’t run out to get one on the first day. Glancing through the list of compatible games there are mere 26 PlayStation 3 games supported (PsOne emulation doesn’t count as a game) when the controller rumbles into stores and not all of them will be there when the Dual Shock 3 launches. The list looks light compared to the initial announcement back at TGS ’07. Games like Assassin’s Creed and Unreal Tournament 3, which are in stores and on the original list, aren’t on the Dual Shock 3 compatible list on the PlayStation Blog.


Can any Dual Shock 3 importers confirm rumble works with games out in US stores that are not on the list?

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