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Dude Marries Love Plus Girlfriend

0 no, it’s not over yet. Love Plus’s reign of terror on society has only just begun. Lashing out against the bold act of mutiny on the part of the pitiful human alliance earlier this month, Love Plus’s Nene Anegasaki has seduced some poor bloke into marrying her.


Tiny Cartridge reports the unfortunate incident took place at a church in Guam. Apparently, "The newlyweds plan to hold a reception in Japan, and have invited the media to attend and view slides from their wedding and courtship." As a result, video streaming site Nico Nico will be broadcasting the event live on November 22.


I’m calling it; ten years down the line (maybe sooner), someone is going to make an absolutely fascinating documentary on this game.


Update: The reception has already been broadcast on Nico Nico as of this update. Thanks for the heads up, Sam!

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