Duke Nukem 3D On Steam Now Supports Multiplayer



Duke Nukem 3D is so old and crotchety, it’s hilarious we once considered this sort of thing racy and offensive. But the man with the balls of steel and a potty mouth still has a following, and the first-person shooter is still heralded as one of the hallmarks of the ’90s.


If you want to experience how shooters were like “way back when” and the craziness of being able to pack multiple heavy weapons on yourself all at the same time, the game is now sporting Steam-enabled multiplayer for up to 8 players and co-op that works across PC, Linux and Mac.


The best bit is that this works with all the user-created maps already available, which Devolver Digital is saying are already at more than 200. Remember when modding and map-making was a thing?


Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition is available now on Steam.