Duke Nukem Voice Actor Plays A Foul-Mouthed Console In This Cute, Bloody Platformer

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Jon St. John, the voice actor for Duke Nukem, has loaned his voice to Dusty, a living game console that has sucked a young boy into a cute, yet extremely violent video game in Rad Rodgers: World One.




The boy, Rad, has access to an array of weapons that will reduce the adorable denizens of the game world into bloody chunks. Rad can shoot fiery phoenixes, lightning beams, and bolts, among other weapons. Dusty won’t just sit on his back along the journey, though, as the foul-mouthed console is the only one that can enter the Pixelverse, a place where it can repair glitches in the game world so Rad can progress.


Rad Rodgers: World One covers the first area of the game’s intended series of worlds, taking players to a jungle where they must fight off corrupted forces to restore the Elder Tree. It offers seven stages, with further releases in the series taking players to other planned locations within the games world.




Rad Rodgers: World One’s filthy mouth, high-powered weapons, and dark sense of humor are available now on Steam and GOG.

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