Dungeon Fighter Online Officially Coming Back In The West


So, that alpha test for Dungeon Fighter Online in English? Good news. You guys managed to convince developer Neople to bring the side-scrolling online brawler back to the West.


There’s no current date for when that will happen, as Neople state on their Facebook that they’re looking to update the game first. The alpha test was running on an older, less updated version of the game. This might take “more than a few weeks”.


However, those who played the alpha will get a perk—you’ll get to keep your character name and level. No gear or anything else, however, but something’s better than nothing.


It looks like Neople are suggesting that they’re going to go it alone in publishing Dungeon Fighter Online for the West again, in an open letter from Neople CEO In Lee, also on their Facebook page. He notes that while their assessment of the alpha was “not favorable”, they decided to go for it again anyway. You can read his full letter and notes on the return here.


If you’re still playing the alpha, it will end June 13th, 6pm Korean Standard Time, so you’ve got a bit more time to level up!