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Dungeon Maker Girls Type Blends Dating Sims And Grinding


Date ni Game Tsui Wake Jane Dungeon Maker Girls Type 1Idea Factory has teamed up with Global A for its second Otomate Forte title, Date ni Game Tsui Wake Jane: Dungeon Maker Girls Type. Unfortunately, it once again disappoints Otomate fans who have been expecting an action or RPG/otome game hybrid with a female lead and dating sim elements. Instead, it is a rehash of Global A’s Master of the Monster Lair DS game, with quite a few small tweaks and changes. Like, for example, there’s new characters and character art and voice acting.

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Date ni Game Tsui Wake: Jane Dungeon Maker Girls Type’s "hero", Hugo, wants to make money. Lots of money. And, as it turns out, one of the best ways to do that is to build a dungeon outside of town, defeat the monsters that gather there and run errands for the townsfolk. As he does more for the townsfolk, fulfilling their requests, he’ll eventually make friends with them and get, you guessed it, more requests.


Date ni Game Tsui Wake Jane Dungeon Maker Girls Type 2Once you get to building your dungeon, it is almost identical to Master of the Monster Lair. The color palette has changed, but everything else remains the same. You must delicately balance an eco-system to get your dungeon to fill up with monsters. If you do it right, you’ll lure bosses in and get great items. Also, you can only do so much each day, just like in Master of the Monster Lair. Then you must go and rest, eat a meal that will boost your stats and resume work the next day. By the way, things may look familiar when shopping too – while the names of the items have been changed or tweaked, their prices and what they do haven’t.


What I want to know is, when are they going to make an Otomate Forte game that, at the very least, has a female lead. The Otomate line are primarily visual novels with dating sim elements, though there are exceptions like S.Y.K., and when the Otomate Forte line was launched everyone kind of assumed that they’d be games from other genres with otome elements. Instead, it seems like they’re just typical action or RPG games, only with prettier character art and familiar voice actors.


Like I mentioned on the Neo-Forum, if Idea Factory was going to rework a Global A game, then why not do it with My World My Way and give Elise the chance to win over The Adventurer, The Warrior or Master of the Monster Lair‘s Owen depending on choices made or actions taken during the game?

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