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Dungeon Travelers 2-2 Is A “What If” Story That Takes Place After The Heroes Lose To The Last Boss



Aquaplus shared the latest in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine about their upcoming PS Vita dungeon crawler, Dungeon Travelers 2-2, with details on its “what if” story and characters. [Thanks, Hachima.]


The story starts out with “what if Fried and the others lost to the Demon God at the end of Dungeon Travlers 2?”


Fried has fallen into darkness and has taken a smaller boy-like appearance, but he’s still the same Fried when it comes to monsters and instincts. The heroines have also fallen into darkness, and have more monster-like appearances.


The fight against monsters will see an upgrade from the previous system, with an interface that has been adjusted to make it easier to play. There will also be a backlog for battles. Dungeons feature new types of areas where magic effects become stronger.


Here are some details on key characters:


  • Protagonist- Fried  Einhard (CV: Taishi Murata): Defeated in the fight against the Demon God, Fried has lost all recollections of the past. His darkness-fallen appearance is that of a young boy’s. He has red eyes and bushy hair.


  • Souffle Twinny (CV: Ayane Sakura): A treasure hunter infatuated with Therians. She also lost against the Demon God with Fried and the others, and has gone missing since then. Her darkness-fallen appearance has her in a dark robe and a crow on her shoulder.


  • Yuni Korgtech (CV: Hisako Kanemoto): A pure and innocent Bard. She grew a pair of wings after losing in the fight against the Demon God and similar to Souffle, has gone missing. Her darkness-fallen looks have her in more exposing clothes to go with large wings.


  • Grisherna Efleanor (CV: Yu Shimamura): A well-mannered veteran explorer. She used to be friendly rivals with Irena. She disappeared after losing in the fight against the Demon God. Her darkness-fallen state remains unknown.


  • Yae Houzouji (CV: Yura Hasegawa, change from the previous CV): A girl from a prestigious family of the Lachann Empire that places strong value on martial arts. She, too, disappeared after losing to the Demon God. Her darkness-fallen appearance has her with shining red eyes and a pointy tail. She uses a Gatling gun as her weapon.


The standard version of the game goes for 5,800 yen for physical and 4,761 yen for digital. A Premium Edition including development documents, an original drama CD, two clear charms, and a BGM album will be available for 8,800 yen


Dungeon Travelers 2-2 releases in Japan in Spring 2017 for PlayStation Vita.

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