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Dusk Diver Introduces Guardians Bahet And Le Viada


dusk diver gameplay 1

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Dusk Diver, the Taiwanese action game developed by JERA Studio, got an update to its official website that reveals two new Guardians—Bahet and Le Viada. The game also got around 50 seconds of gameplay footage.



bahet 2

bahet 3


Due to family issues, this young Kunlunian wandered to the human realm.
He always looks sleepy and not very talkative, but still appears to be very well mannered.
After arriving in the human realm, he becomes extremely into the human music.


Weapon:Echo Scythe-Screaming Fox

Favorite Food:Fruits

Dislike:Waking up early


He will transform into a “Core-type” little
bat when power is lost.


Le Viada

le viada 2

le viada 3


Blonde Kunlunian with blue eyes.
She likes the human realm and has lived there for a long time.
Because of her easy-going personality, she became the boss of the nearby water field without knowing what was going on.
Due to her interests, she works as a part-time model in the human realm.


Weapon:Too many to be recorded

Favorite Food:All kinds of cuisine

Dislike:Rude people


She will transform into a “Core-type” little goldfish when power is lost.


Check out some gameplay below:


Dusk Diver is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in 2019.

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