Dying Can Give You The Tools You Need To Win In This Monster-Possessing Roguelike

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MidBoss promises challenging roguelike action for an imp that’s looking to possess various monsters and fight its way to becoming the final boss of its dungeon home, but even if players fail, they’re giving themselves the tools they need to succeed on the next run.



When players die during a run at MidBoss, they’ll receive a Death Card that details how they died on that run, as well as a listing of the equipment they had. These cards can be used for a future run, giving players the equipment they had on that previous run to give them a leg up on their enemies. These cards can also be shared, letting other players put powerful Death Cards to work in other games. On top of all this, the cards also use the same seed that created the last generated dungeon, letting players better know what to expect.


MidBoss still promises a challenge for its imp character. The imp can possess weakened monsters as they move through the procedurally-generated dungeon, and must steadily work through the game’s varied enemies using unique monster abilities, weakening stronger creatures and possessing them in order to continually increase their power.




MidBoss is available now on Steam.

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