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Dynamic Attractions Reveals Arcade Racer-Style Coaster That Feels Like Mario Kart In Real Life


dual power coaster

Dynamic Attractions, a subsidiary of Empire Industries which focuses on creating theme park attractions for Disney, Universal Studios, and more, revealed a new arcade racer-inspired attraction that includes “boost pad” support, AR support, and the ability to powerslide this week. [Thanks, Globe Newswire!]


The dark ride coaster, called the Dual Power Coaster, allows four degrees of freedom via a motion platform, with pitch, roll, heading, and heave being possible to different degrees. This lets it simulate air time, drifting, spin outs, and other racing statuses that are distinctive to the arcade racer genre. The Dual Power Coaster is also capable of inversions.


Apart from the motion platform, it has dual propulsion, meaning that the coaster can suddenly speed-up if they reach contextual points, such as “boost pads” that can be used as a launch point. The coaster will allow for AR support to make the experience even more immersive, and has a ‘Dueling Mode’ that makes it seem like you’re racing other guests.


Check out the reveal video below:


The first Dual Power Coaster by Dynamic Attractions will be installed at a theme park in Malaysia in 2019.

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