Dynasty Heroes: The Legend Turns Romance Of The Three Kingdom Into A Strategy RPG


Chinese studio Digital Sky Entertainment has opened up pre-registrations for its Three Kingdoms-based strategy-RPG Dynasty Heroes: The Legend. The game is due out for iOS and Android this September.


Pre-registration is done by logging in with your Facebook account on the game’s website. By doing so, you’ll receive a code that’ll unlock rare items for you when entered into the game. These items are: the hero Zhang Liao, a pack of 10 Cultivation Materials, and 100,000 in-game coins.


Dynasty Heroes has over 100 unlockable heroes for you to command in real-time battles. Heroes have link skill attacks and can combine skills if paired to unleash devastating attacks on enemy armies. It’ll also have global PvP so you can test your army’s power against other players’ armies.


By liking the Dynasty Heroes Facebook page you can also be in with a chance of winning a limited t-shirt.

Chris Priestman