Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Gets A Jewel Crafting System

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While everyone enjoys watching videos of Lu Bu smashing in heads and taking names, or maybe just fun ways to get killed, we also wanna know what’s new in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends. After all, if the engine is based off the last game, what’s so special?



For starters, there’s a new Jewel crafting system that will see crafting components drop from battles. These can then be used to upgrade weapons and make them more powerful than ever before, possibly surpassing the special EX weapons each character has in the game.


Nonetheless, that isn’t the end, as there’s also now a “Second Treasure,” which is quite likely to be an EX weapon, Mark II. You’ll be able to obtain them by fulfilling very specific objectives in the game’s various scenarios, and they’re just flat out better than their originals in every aspect, from strength to special attributes.


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There’s also a new “Ultimate” difficulty setting for those of a strong heart, which you might want to use with the online multiplayer option. Unlike previous games, you’ll be able to play through Story, Free, Commander and Challenge modes with a friend.



With things so tough, your leaders need a boost as well, which they’ll get by being able to break the sound barrier past the game’s level cap of 99. Yeah, you can now tote around a level 999 man with a huge scroll in Cheng Gong if you want.


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Leaders will also get a new stat to tell everyone just how leader-ly they are in “Leadership”. Having a high stat here will allow for more and varied side effects such as more effective orders and bonuses to their fights and responsiveness to your calls.


Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends will be out first on PlayStation 3 and Vita November 28th, and will come to PlayStation 4 as a launch title for Japan next February with Cross Save functionality.

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