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Dynasty Warriors 9 Headed Westward On PS4, Xbox One, And PC



    Koei Tecmo recently announced the platforms the West is getting for Dynasty Warriors 9 as well as a look at some playable generals in Xu Zhu, Dian Wei, Ling Tong, Gang Ning, Guang Ping, and Dong Zhuo.


    Here’s the latest on the game from Koei Tecmo:


    Whether players choose to follow the main storyline quests or spend time exploring the vast natural wonders of China – from the lush cedar woods and bamboo forests of Chengdu to the legendary Great Wall – the ongoing war will continue to rage along their journey. Skirmishes, clashes, special side missions, and larger scale conflicts can be engaged at the player’s will as they venture through far –reaching lands, allowing for a sense of freedom of choice for the player previously unfelt in previous Dynasty Warriors titles. These battles range from scouting missions to discover powerful enemy officers, to guerilla actions to subdue messengers and scouts, to outright sabotage on enemy supply troops; success in these combat engagements offer great rewards and have an effect on future battles’ difficulty.


    To further expand the choices available to the player, Koei Tecmo is also introducing two new playable characters to the game, each formidable in their own right! Man Chong, from the kingdom of Wei, is a brilliant general, skilled debater, and an excellent tactician. Meanwhile, Zhou Cang from the kingdom of Shu is best known for his incredible stamina and speed. Both characters join an already strong roster of fan favorites and will provide an even more diverse selection for players keen on exploring different storylines in different kingdoms.


    Speaking of those old fan-favorites, Koei Tecmo is also releasing new costume designs for popular characters Sun Shangxiang, Lu Xun, and the powerful demon-god, Lu Bu!

    As well as a look at some familiar generals who’ll return to the action from the official website:


    Xu Zhu


    With a large frame and superior strength, he was often by Cao Cao’s side to protect him from harm.
    Though normally even-tempered with a carefree personality, once on the battlefield, he fought with the fierceness of a tiger earning him the nickname Crazy Tiger.


    Dian Wei


    Built like a giant with immense strength and an impressive physique, he often served as a bodyguard to Cao Cao. His fierce look and uncultured ways incited fear among many yet those he served know the man for his utmost loyalty.


    Ling Tong


    A servant of Wu, he continued to serve even after his father Ling Cao was killed in a battle with Gan Ning, and despised him ever since.
    He continued to serve even after his father was killed in a battle with Gan Ning, and despises him as a foe since.
    Often viewed as sarcastic, his deep loyalty to his friends and family drove him in battle putting his name among the greatest warriors of Wu.


    Gan Ning


    Nicknamed “Gan Ning of the Bells” for the bells he wore on his clothing, he was short-tempered and quick to brawl but was well-trusted by his men.
    Discontent from the lack of trust he received from Liu Biao and Huang Zu, he defected to Wu where he fought in numerous battles, namely the Battle of Chibi.


    Guan Ping


    Originally the second son of Guan Ding of Hebei, he became the adopted son of Guan Yu after his father became impressed with Guan Yu in a fateful encounter.
    Earnest and true, he joined Liu Bei as a sign of respect to his adopted father wherein he became proficient in martial arts.


    Dong Zhuo


    Previously serving as Prefect of Xiliang, he rose to power after being called to battle by He Jin against the Imperial Eunuchs. With the chaos of battle and the death of He Jin, he quickly took control of the court through the young Emperor.
    Using his adopted son, Lu Bu, he ruled with complete brutality through military might inducing fear among the people.


    Dynasty Warriors 9 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in the West and a PS4-only release in Japan.

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