Dynasty Warriors 9’s Open Field Gameplay Explained; Cao Ren, Jia Xu, Lu Meng, Xu Shu Revealed

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The Japanese official website for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 has been updated, showcasing how players will advance the war across the field map of China, as well as some new and returning characters.



As players progress, ‘Main Missions’ will be presented for the player to complete. For example, in the ‘Battle of Guandu’, the main mission is to defeat Yuan Shao, but at the same time, players will be suggested to conquer the forts at Boma and Yan Ford first.


If players follow as suggested, defeating Yuan Shao will become easier, but as conquering the forts is optional, the player can choose to ignore the suggestion and fight Yuan Shao’s forces head-on at a higher difficulty. In another example, players can choose to burn Yuan Shao’s army rations in order to weaken his forces.


There are also sub-missions to complete, such as advancing the front lines of allied troops in order to strengthen the army, which will influence the difficulty of the battles. Players can move freely about the field, choosing how they wish to complete the main mission.


DW9 3

On the field there are many bases which can be captured in order to push forward allied forces. Of course, it is possible to go in alone, but players can bring a large amount of allied forces to attack generals or major forts in this manner.


Newly revealed playable characters:


Cao Ren (CV: Hisao Egawa)

DW9 4


Jia Xu (CV: Hideo Ishikawa)

DW9 5


Lu Meng (CV: Yukitoshi Hori)

DW9 6


Xu Shu (CV: Atsushi Kisaichi)

DW9 7


Check out more new screenshots of the four characters and more below:

DW9 8 DW9 9

DW9 10 DW9 11

DW9 12 DW9 13

DW9 14 DW9 15

DW9 16 DW9 17

DW9 18 DW9 19



Finally, the official Twitter account for Dynasty Warriors announced that the release date will be revealed next week, on October 26, 2017.


Dynasty Warriors 9 in currently in development for PlayStation 4 in Japan, and PS4, PC and Xbox One in the West.

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