Lost Planet series producer Kenji Ohguro said they wanted to make a “party” game like shooter after Lost Planet 2. That’s how E.X. Troopers started and compared to Lost Planet 3’s struggle of a family man E.X. Troopers has a fun vibe.


The characters in E.X. Troopers make a crash landing and send a distress signal. All of that excitement must have made Bren (the dude with pink hair) hungry, right? If you stop by the cafeteria you can eat a meal that gives you a temporary status boost. The effect changes depending on what’s on the menu. Snow Pirates are waiting outside so you want to pick a weapon before leaving the base.


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Oh no! Snow Pirates! Aren’t you glad you brought a gun? These pirates are prepared with a Vital Suit called Gran Seed that stands in your way.


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Alright! You won. E.X. Troopers rewards players with experience points and materials you can use to remodel weapons. (Am I the only one thinking Monster Hunter in space?)


extroopers8 extroopers9 extroopers10 extroopers17


E.X. Troopers also has VR Missions to take on if you want to farm for materials.

extroopers11 extroopers12


You can also walk around the base and talk to other characters. Some girl wants a candid photo of Chris, Bren’s rival. If you fetch the photograph and give it to her you’ll get a Fan Club newsletter in return.

extroopers13 extroopers14 extroopers15


E.X. Troopers comes out on November 22 for PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS.

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