E.X. Troopers’ Mix Of Monster Hunter And Guns Was Pretty Fun To Play

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I got to play an E.X. Troopers multiplayer session at Tokyo Game Show. While E.X. Troopers will be released on PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS, the multiplayer demo was only available for 3DS. The controls are simple enough:

– Move with the analog stick

– Control the camera with the D-pad

– Press R to lock on

– Y is for your main weapon

– X is for your sub weapon

– B is to guard or with the slide pad, side step

– A is for melee attack

E.X. Troopers also has two touch screen buttons one for an E.X. Burst and the other for a cooperative attack called E.X. Resonance. More on those later.


E.X. Troopers supports three players for a multiplayer mission. We started the demo by picking a character like Bren (the protagonist), Teekee (a mysterious girl), and Chris (Bren’s rival). I went with Chris while the other two guys playing both picked Teekee. That answered one question on my mind, yes it’s possible to have the same characters in multiplayer. Capcom also unlocked a bunch of different guns for multiplayer so both Teekees could have different weapons. I armed Chris with a submachine gun as his primary weapon and a rifle for his sub weapon.


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In contrast to the core Lost Planet games, E.X. Troopers uses vibrant colors, has cel-shaded art, and spunky characters. I think E.X. Troopers has a fun vibe, which executive producer Kenji Ohguro told Siliconera that’s what he was going for. I waited in an elevator to sortie and ran on to a bright field when the door opened. Akrid greeted me and I retaliated with gunfire. E.X. Troopers feels fast paced. All I had to do was lock on and strafe to finish off enemies. Akrid drop thermal energy which restores life and fills up your super meter. After all the Akrid are defeated in an area, you can use your grappling hook to move to the next zone. The demo had two targets to takedown. We defeated the boss, an Akrid that tried to roll into us, without too much of a problem. The second boss made spikes pop up from the ground.


One of the other players didn’t sidestep the second boss’ attacks and got killed pretty quickly. E.X. Troopers was pretty forgiving since downed allies can be revived if another player resuscitates them by running over and mashing the A button. Alternatively, an impatient injured player can come back to life by pressing A, but there is a penalty for doing this. The demo would end if two players died and weren’t resuscitated.



I saved up all of my thermal energy just for this boss and tapped touch screen to trigger a cooperative T-Resonance attack… but the other two players didn’t notice. So, Chris just stood there glowing blue waiting for my teammates to get with program. Well, they didn’t and fortunately that didn’t drain my thermal energy. I tried to do a T-Resonance move again, mainly because I was curious how powerful it was. I nudged the other player and tried to explain he should press the T-Resonance button. Finally, I triggered a super attack which painted the screen with a fluorescent blue light and cut off at least 1/4 of the boss Akrid’s life bar. I was rewarded with a bunch of items for clearing the mission and the demo ended there.


I think what made E.X. Troopers fun in multiplayer mode is how it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I mean, this is a game where hamburgers can power you up. Capcom said at Tokyo Game Show that E.X. Troopers is currently only for Japan. The game comes out there on November 22.

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