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Penguin Wars is making its Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 debut this week, bringing dodgeball-style action back to modern systems. Just like the Game Boy release, people have multiple playable characters to choose from. However, this time around, each one is more defined. Every character has different sorts of offensive and defensive maneuvers, which players may need to know when they head into a fight.


The thing to know about Penguin Wars is that it can best be described as an unconventional sort of dodgeball game. Each side has five balls, for a total of ten traditional balls on the court. (Some stages are exceptions and will have hazards in play, such as spiked balls and bombs.) Each character has a life bar. Your goal is to survive. You can’t actually catch the balls being thrown. Rather, you try to deflect them with your own shots. In most situations, the key to winning is to get all of your balls on the other side. With a standard match where a timer is in play, any balls still on your side at the end of the match will zero in on your character and attack during the Judgement phase, leaving the person on the field with the most health the winner. In the case of boss fights, you have to brute force your way into a win by working out how to best handle certain characters. In the original game, certain characters were known for specific traits. Both the bat and the rabbit were fast and strong, while the cow could take a hit. The Switch version takes this a step further with its characters.




Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, just as they did in the original Penguin Wars, but this time the big deal comes with the different sorts of charged shots, defensive options, special defense skills, and special attack skills in their arsenal. Riley the penguin is your initial character and is generally an all-around good guy. His charged shot is straightforward and sends a powerful ball speeding toward an enemy. If a ball comes toward him, someone can press B to dodge quickly out of the way. Someone like Dylan, on the other hand, plays quite differently. He has a trickier charged shot that bounces across the field after it is thrown, only turning into a homing shot after the last bounce. Instead of being able to swiftly move aside when a ball is coming, you need more precise timing to spin his surfboard at the right moment to deflect the shot. Each character has their own technique, typically relying on fight or flight instincts for defensive standard skills or certain kinds of tricky or homing shots for charged attacks.


The special moves can only be used after you have thrown enough balls to fill the gauge below your health bar. Once it is full, you can trigger an offensive attack or defensive move. This is based upon whether or not you happen to be holding a ball. Let’s say Cassie is holding a ball. If she is, it will turn into an incredibly powerful and fast homing shot called Distorted Love Letter. If she is not, she uses Dreamy Candy Fascination. This will force all of the opponent’s balls away from them temporarily. Samuel’s defensive move, Bloom Doom Anthem, temporarily lifts all of the opponent’s balls in the air, out of their reach. This could allow you to get all ten balls on their side, triggering a temporarily attack. Samuel’s Miracle Natural Oracle special attack sends a ball spinning out into the field, then has it sort of sit there, before homing in on the opponent at the last second. It becomes a waiting game of knowing the right time to try and block it. (Be advised that, in the campaign, you need to use in-game currency to purchase these moves for people as they join your crew.)




While it can take a while to get the gang together in the story mode, Penguin Wars has the characters immediately unlocked in the Versus modes. This allows you test them out and get a feel for who works for you ahead of time. Then, after you unlock them in the campaign by besting them in a boss battle, you can determine which one or two you might want to use as your main. I found the fights against these characters during the campaign helpful. (You also have to fight these characters before they are added to your roster during the story.) Being on the receiving end of their attacks helps you see how they function in certain situations.


Penguin Wars makes sure each character has its own moveset. If someone is going to play the game, they should be aware of what each character can do. It will not only help them if they decide to use that character on the field, but might make it easier to survive a match against certain opponents. If you know what to expect when someone is charging or on the defense, or what you should be aware of once their special meter fills, you have a better chance of catching them off guard and launching a counterattack.


Penguin Wars will come to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on August 15, 2018.

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