Eagle Island Is Full Of Platforming Fun For A Boy & His Owl



When his owl’s brother is stolen away by a monstrous eagle, Quill sets off to go find him in Eagle Island, a platformer filled with generated worlds, powerful birds, and owls as throwing weapons.


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Quill will have to do the bulk of the platforming, as his owl, Koji, can just fly over the terrain. Players will have to leap, run, and grab onto ledges to haul himself around. Should he find an enemy in his path, he’ll need to call on Koji’s help, throwing the owl in eight different directions depending on where his enemies lie. Players will also earn greater in-game rewards if they can hit a bunch of enemies in a row.


Koji is a tough bird, but it can get even stronger should players find the Totems – giant magical birds – of Eagle Island. By rescuing them before the monster eagle can get them, players will get a feather that will grant Koji elemental properties and attacks. These handy powers will decimate enemies, but are fueled by gems dropped by enemies killed in combos, so players will want to get good at owl-throwing.


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Magpies guard other chests strewn throughout the game’s generated landscapes, and when paid off, will let Koji equip whatever powerful abilities they contain. Players can only carry so many of these, though, so after a time, they will have to carefully decide which ones to toss and which ones to keep. Players will also have to adapt their playstyle depending on which ones they get, as the game generates its rewards differently on each playthrough.


Eagle Island is set to release in mid-2018, and is currently raising votes on Greenlight and development funding on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
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