Early Beta For Isometric Mech MMO/Shooter Antraxx Coming In September



An early beta for isometric mech MMO/shooter Antraxx, previously known as META4, will begin this September. Players interested to join should sign up for the mailing list on Antraxx’s site so they can be among the first to join in the arcade-style combat.




In Antraxx, players can customize their mechs with parts they purchase, and can also customize the zones they will be fighting in. Beyond that, players can also create their own factions, giving other online players alliances to join or fight against in their bids to take over territory. These pitched matches will involve multiple mechs in live combat, maneuvering and using their unique abilities in real time.




Battlefield strength is important, but players will also be able to use diplomacy to gain control of land, wealth, and mechs with careful conversation. This will use knowledge of the game’s politics and player-driven economy, although the developers do not say much more on how this mechanic will function.

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