Early Famicom Text Adventure Dead Zone Gets An English Translation


dead zone 1

Fan translation group Stardust Crusaders has taken the liberty of creating a full English fan translation for Dead Zone, an early Famicom Sunsoft text adventure that released in 1986.


Like what you might expect, players proceed through the story via text menus, and choose actions to carry out. In the story, protagonist Cark is a space colony builder who is transported to some sort of underground robot graveyard when a beam of light hits him at a visit to a space station to visit his girlfriend Mary. He then needs to find his way out and safely rejoin his girlfriend, with the help of his robot companion Carry.


Check out more screenshots below:

dead zone 2 dead zone 3

dead zone 4 dead zone 5

You can find the fan translation here.


Dead Zone released on the Famicom in 1986.

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