Early Mega Man X3 Prototype Made Available For Download



Thanks to the work of the people at Rockman Corner, a playable ROM of the prototype version of Mega Man X3 is now available to download, letting players see many early sprites, backgrounds, and other elements that were removed from the retail release.




The build comes from August 23, 1995, which is about four months before the game was released at retail. In this build, players will be able to see many different graphical differences, such as the above changes in Neon Tiger’s design. They will also see several new background elements, as well as items appearing that were removed from the full release (like the gate in Blast Hornet’s stage, which was removed but can be seen on the game’s box art).


Players interested in this piece of Mega Man history can go download it for free from Rockman Corner’s site in the Protos/Betas area.

Alistair Wong
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