Earth Defense Force 5 Footage Shows Off New Moves With The Fencer And Air Raiders

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During a recent live stream, D3 Publisher showed off the latest gameplay for Earth Defense Force 5 with a look at the Fencer and Air Raider classes in action.


The footage starts out at the 45:33 where we get to check out the Fencer in action. Their play style is similar to what it was in the past as a powerful tank-type character. They’re able to wield four different weapons with the Spear, Hammer, Shield, and Gatling Gun, making them a class with various tools to fit different situations.


At 56:43 we get to see the Air Raiders in action. These guys play like regular foot soldiers, but they’re able to call in air strikes to take out enemies as demonstrated right away in the footage. What makes them interesting is the ability to “map out” the air strikes to make it rain down missiles on the enemy. In addition to air strikes, the Air Raiders have access to other explosive weapons that launch bombs.


Earth Defense Force 5 releases in Japan in Summer 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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