Earth Defense Force 6

Earth Defense Force 6 Seems to Feature a One Man Army

D3 Publisher released more information about the recently-announced Earth Defense Force 6, which is a direct sequel that takes place soon after the end of Earth Defense Force 5. The game is currently in development for yet unannounced platforms and will release in 2021. (Thanks, 4Gamer!)

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While the screenshots shown are mostly the same from when the game was first revealed, this time we got a look at some of the returning enemies and a new flying dragon that is sure to be a dangerous enemy. Furthermore, we got a few hints about its story, including the fact that the protagonist of Earth Defense Force 5 seems to have returned, this time as a one-man army survivor.

Earth Defense Force 6

While the EDF were successful in defending Earth and defeating the Primers in the previous war, by the very end the group was in shambles. Many soldiers, as well as the EDF commander, fell in battle. The Storm Team is no more, but it seems that one soldier remains fighting against the stragglers. Could this be the hero known as Storm 1 in the past?

Earth Defense Force 6

Even in 2027, there are still signs of battles against the invading creatures and aliens, but the current state of the EDF is unknown, nor is it known just how many human forces remain. Even the single soldier we see in the screenshots, seemingly a Ranger, looks grimy and weary. There are no signs of any teammates or organization.

The Remaining Threats

While the Primers have left Earth, their invading forces still litter the Earth and are a significant threat to humanity. Returning enemies include the Colonists, frog-like creatures capable of holding weaponry and boasting quick recovery capabilities.

Below are screenshots showing off more returning enemies:

That said, all is not lost. While the city shown above is scarred from war, other cities are still intact and can still be recovered from the alien forces. In its current state however, it’s nothing but a ghost town.

The countryside seems to have been less affected by the invasion, and here we see what looks to be an onsen town under attack.

Finally, we see what looks to be the return of Dragons, after their absence in the previous game. However, the dragon shown is a new type that can fly, which has never been seen in the series before.

Earth Defense Force 6 is in development and set for release in 2021. D3 Publisher has yet to announce the platform(s).

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