Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Invades PCs via Steam On October 15



D3 Publisher announced that Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain releases on PC via Steam on October 15, 2019 with over 50 missions and five difficulties, and plenty of aliens to shoot.


Here are some details on the game:


Save the world without hope.
Year 2040. An action TPS where you will become one of the EDF soldiers and fight against the invaders from outer space which ruined the world. In the world settings which differs from the original Earth Defense Force series, more than 50 missions in five difficulties await for your challenge.


Key Features

  • 50+ Missions in Five Difficulties – The furious battle against the invader Aggressors is full of chaos. Includes 50+ severe missions, where you must fight against gigantic enemy creatures and huge invader weapons in 5 different difficulties.
  • 4 Mobile Soldiers and Weapons – You will become the legendary mobile soldier which controls 4 different PA Gears, several hundreds weapons, arms and items. Regain hope to human beings.
  • Bring Personality to the Battlefield – Includes character creation mode. You can select your favorite gender, face, hair style, weight, voice and outfit. You can also change the personality of yourself.
  • Enriched Off-Line and On-Line Mode – When playing the off-line mode, the split-screen will be supported. Also, when playing the on-line mode, you can co-op with other EDF members around the world.


Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain releases for PC via Steam on October 15, 2019. The game is currently available for PlayStation 4.

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