Real World version of Inochi no Udon - the Japanese version of Earthbound Cup of Lifenoodles
Image courtesy of Hobonichi

Earthbound Cup of Lifenoodles Will Appear in the Real World

Hobonichi has revealed that it will release the Cup of Lifenoodles from the Earthbound series in the real world. People will be able to actually taste the food used to fully revive unconscious characters in the game series in August 2024.

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The Cup of Lifenoodles appeared in Earthbound and Mother 3 as an item that players mainly use to revive fallen characters to full health, though it can also recover any other status ailments. The item’s original Japanese name is “Inochi no Udon” (Udon of Life), so Udon will be the noodle type used for this product. Hobonichi will source the noodles from Japan’s Gunma prefecture.

Hobonichi has yet to provide more details on the noodles’ availability, including its pricing and whether it will be shippable worldwide like the 30th Anniversary concert merchandise. However, its announcement tweet did reveal the package’s content. The set will contain two udon noodle packages and a coaster mat.

Hobonichi’s Japanese tweet is also available to view right below:

The real-world version of Cup of Lifenoodles from the Earthbound series will be available in August 2024. The product will be based on the item that appeared in Earthbound and Mother 3. The entire Earthbound series is available to play on Nintendo Switch via its Online subscription, although Mother 3 remains exclusive to Japan due to its lack of localization.

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